Having some trouble with your creations? Check out these handy tips & tricks:


•Make sure hands are dry before playing with Beados
•To make designs even stronger, turn over and spray on the reserve side and leave to dry overnight

•Wash tray well after use with warm soapy water and allow to air dry

•Using too much water will make the beads very sticky and will require a longer drying time, try not to use more than 5-6 sprays

•Ensure designs are dry to touch before removing from the bead tray - If you try to move the design before the beads are dry your design might break.

•Gently sliding a design template under the dried bead design will help to remove it easily from the bead tray

•If your fan is slow or stops working, batteries may need replacing

•Turn fan off after use to save the battery life

•Wash hands thoroughly after play to remove any remaining residue from skin

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